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NVIDIA May Be Gearing Up To Launch Its Own Android Devices

  NVIDIA wants to launch their own set of Android smartphones and tablets in order to get their mobile CPU’s more exposure. They’ve been trying to break into the mobile market, getting their NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU into a few smartphones and tablets, but they’re still completely out-shadowed by Qualcomm. Qualcomm’s CPU’s are the prime choice for… Read more

NVIDIA Says Project SHIELD Will Not Be Sold At A Loss

Many consoles turn a profit on their ecosystem, at least at first. A perfect example is the original Xbox: it was sold at a loss, while Microsoft raked in money from games and content. They earned money from published games and everything on Xbox Live, so it ended up a good business strategy for them. But NVIDIA is not a content provider, it’s a… Read more

Dead Trigger 2 Shown Off With Gameplay And Q2 Release Date

Dead Trigger was a pretty big hit, so the natural thing to do is to make a sequel. And what better way to show it off than to partner with NVIDIA to show its high quality glory on a brand new Tegra 4? Seems like the perfect way to get attention. In the demo, the graphics were both stunning and on a very large scale. The best example of this is the big… Read more

NVIDIA TegraZone Reaches 6 Million Downloads

According to Android Guys, NVIDIA’s TegraZone has just reached their 6 million download milestone. Most of this is probably thanks to all of you Nexus 7 owners out there with your NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processors, so kudos to all of you. It was just two months ago that NVIDIA’s TegraZone reached 5 million downloads, so it’s good to know that… Read more

HTC Era 42 For T-Mobile Will Be One X+

The HTC Era 42, a phone headed to T-Mobile, has been confirmed to be the HTC One X+. The + in the One X+ probably signifies the chip inside, the Tegra 3 plus. It will be clocked at 1.7 GHz and probably contain their new dedicated modem for HSPA+ 42. This lines up with an old rumor that the HTC One X would be launching on T-Mobile. HTC has only had a… Read more