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TegraZone Players Choice Awards Winners

NVIDIA had a contest voting for the best TegraZone games, in exchange for a chance to win a prize pack. I’m not surprised that people voted, the prize pack is amazing. It includes an ASUS Transformer Pad 300 powered by a Tegra 3 quad core, a keyboard dock, a special edition NVIDIA Jambox, and a Logitech wireless controller. Keep reading to see who… Read more

The Five Tegra Games That Will Be At E3

Before we start, I’d like to state one thing: NVIDIA hardware is not superior. The Mali-400 GPU in the Galaxy SIII destroys the Tegra 3 GPU. Fortunately, that doesn’t matter. NVIDIA has the smarts and the power to make deals and make it easy to optimize games for their hardware. They don’t have the best hardware, but their games have the absolute best… Read more

Madfinger Games Back Again, Announces New Game Dead Trigger

ShadowGun THD set the standard of mobile gaming graphics, created by developer Madfinger Games. Now they’re back again, and have just announced their newest title, Dead Trigger. Dead Trigger follows in the graphical superiority of ShadowGun, but changes the theme to the classic zombie apocalypse. The battle takes place in 2012, a world where a deadly… Read more

NVIDIA Says Tegra 3+ And Tegra 3+LTE Coming Soon

NVIDIA’s General Manager of Mobile Business Mike Rayfield was on hand at HTC’s Frequencies conference in Seattle and talked about the immediate future of the company’s Tegra 3 product. First, Rayfield says LTE-enabled Tegra phones will start rolling out in the third quarter of this year as NVIDIA has samples already in testing. However,… Read more