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Video: Optimus 2X benchmarked

With the LG Optmius 2X being hailed as the world’s first NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core smartphone, everyone is eager to see how well the device can really stack up against the competition. Thanks to the folks at Techblog.gr, we get to take a solid look at some Quadrant scores from what looks to be a finished product. As of right now, Quadrant is the best way we… Read more

CES: NVIDIA press conference round-up

NVIDIA just finished up their press conference for CES and boy was it a doozy. Be sure to keep an eye out for a more in depth analysis of everything NVIDIA went over, but for now here’s a quick summary. NVIDIA started off the conference by bringing out LG’s people and showing off the Optimus 2X – The world’s first dual-core processing superphone…. Read more

LG announces dual-core Optimus 2X

Dustin told us all about a leak concerning the LG Star back in November, but while the tech specs were right on, the release information was sketchy. Today, LG officially announced the phone in Korea, making it the world’s first dual-core phone. The NVIDIA powered gadget will hit Korea next month with more countries in Europe and Asia to follow. The Optimus… Read more