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O2 In The UK Getting The Nexus 4 Next Month

T-Mobile is the official carrier in the US for Google’s latest Nexus 4, but what about markets outside the US? We now know who the officially carrying it in the UK, as carrier O2 has announced that they will offer the phone on their network when it launches. Rumor has it that the carrier has exclusivity for at least one month, and other carriers have… Read more

HTC One X for O2 UK expected to go on sale April 5

Despite the fact that HTC officially announced the One Series back in February during Mobile World Congress, we are still expectantly waiting to hear exact dates for a launch for their new devices. At the top of the pack is the One X, which is HTC’s first attempt at creating a device with a quad-core processor under the hood. While it is believed the… Read more

HTC Rhyme for O2 an exclusive deal, available now

So while Verizon was quick to rock the HTC Rhyme here in the States, it looks like HTC isn’t going to keep the charm-equipped device away from at least a few international folks. The HTC Rhyme is available now for O2 in the UK, and as usual you can expect a wide assortment of different plans to go along with your new phone, which will effectively change the… Read more

O2 launches HTC Desire for Germany


Today, Telefónica O2 Germany launched the HTC Desire.  The Desire joins O2′s Android family including the Motorola Milestone, HTC Tattoo, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, and the Samsung Galaxy.  Not surprising, the specs are standard issue.  However, the device does come with Telmap turn-by-turn navigation, available free of charge. From the O2 blog: The… Read more

Desire: Spec’ed, Delayed, Rooted

The HTC Desire appears to be a hot commodity these days.  Our international readers can already pick up this device on several popular carriers.  Here in the states, it will be available on US Cellular, as announced on their Facebook page.  While none of the four major U.S. carriers are currently slated to get this device, it’s sure making a stir on the… Read more

Galaxy on sale in UK

O2 has gotten creative with the pricing of Samsung’s GT-i7500, better known as Galaxy. The device is now available in the cellular carrier’s online store and as you can see that it runs “Free to £244.67.” The high end of that works out – at the time of this posting – to just under $400 USD. According to Tech Radar, getting the phone for nothing up front… Read more