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Lookin’ pretty good, ODROID

If there’s one Android device that’s caused people to jump back and “Oh, SNAP!” in a manner that reminds me of that “Ugly Baby” episode of Seinfeld, it’s the ODROID. But one cannot deny the power of the device, which houses a Samsung-manufactured application processor running at 833MHz. Here we see a developer unit – which recently launched around the… Read more



Specs: 833MHz; 512MB RAM; 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen capable of 720p HD video playback; no 3G, but there’s WiFi b/g, Bluetooth; and mini-HDMI port. Released: Korea, November 5th. (Dev versions sold out quickly) Cost: $320 Notes: has been compared by a Japanese DroidDog commenter to WonderSwan, and rightly so…. Read more

ODROID playing HD video and emulating SNES

Well, this ugly ducking looks a lot better in a dark room; not only because it causes you to focus on the television screen, but because you can see the device, used as a controller, lighting up! Cool. HD video playing looks pretty good, but I wish ODROID represented a more significant step forward in the Android gaming department. Still, it looks like some… Read more

ODROID? Oh, no.

I’m as happy as the rest of you to hear about a portable gaming gadget running our favorite OS, but this thing just screams, “rare Linux collector’s item.” The look is probably a result of what was available, rather than of design. And the name is… just plain wrong. The good news is that the processor and display are nearly identical to that of the… Read more