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Falcon Pro Updated With Offline Mode, New Translations

Falcon Pro has been a fan favorite for a long time. It’s a gorgeous Twitter client with some awesome features, and with today’s update, it gains another one that’s really unique. Offine mode will download images so you can view your timeline without a data connection. No longer will you be stuck with empty images in tweets when you’re in a bad coverage… Read more

Google Translate Updated With 51 Offline Languages

With Google Translate being one of the best translators out there, purely because of the huge user base improving it and the amazing number of languages supported, it’s what we normally turn to when we need a quick translation. But there was something it was missing, a weakness Samsung played on with their new S Translate app in the Galaxy S 4. S… Read more

Google Docs Now Offers Offline Document Editing

Google Docs is a very important service for many (this blogger included), but has never had the ability to edit documents offline. Google is changing that today, as they have just announced at Google I/O that offline document editing is now available. Google is creating a nifty office within its own service, and it’s good to see that they care about the… Read more