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Samsung Galaxy S III Makes Your Olympic Vacation Easier

Samsung is one of the official sponsors for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, if you haven’t heard. They also want to make sure, if you’re going to the games, you are able to get your R&R in style. If you have an S III, you can now control your entire Holiday Inn Experience. You can control your TV, get room service, control your air conditioner,… Read more

BBC Launches Official Olympics App for Android

British network, BBC, has officially released the 2012 Summer Olympic Games application for Android. This will allow you to access all of the BBC’s coverage on the games. Live streams, forums, news articles and more are all accessible from the application. No worries on missing anything from BBC’s normal sites, though. Anything that gets posted on their… Read more

NBC Releases Two 2012 Olympics Apps For Android

NBC and Adobe have teamed up to give people the most coverage possible of the 2012 Olympics by creating two Android apps. Together, they will provide over 3.500 hours of content on 32 sports. The two apps are free, but one is not free to use. The NBC Olympics app will provide all the information you need, including real time schedules, medal counts,… Read more

Official London 2012 Olympics App Now Available For Android

The 2012 Olympic games are just around the corner and the festival organizers have released a much-appreciated Android application to help sports fans follow all the action. The app contains numerous features to help keep track of your favorite events and olympians, complete with results, schedules and medal counts. Design-wise, the application offers… Read more