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Rogers HTC One X Receiving Update To Correct Wi-Fi Issues

HTC One X folk on Rogers can begin celebrating as a new update has finally been pushed to the device to help fix some of the Wi-Fi issues that it’s been experiencing. It bumps the software to version to version 1.94.631.3 and weighs in at 67MB. Along with fixing the Wi-Fi issues, it also improves HTC’s MediaLink. It certainly sounds like something that… Read more

Kernel Source Finally Outed For AT&T HTC One X

After months of waiting, the kernel source for the AT&T HTC One X has been outed.  One X developers and owners are literally rejoicing.  What does this mean for you?  Unless you’re a kernel developer, nothing immediately.  However, instead of repackaging kernels to work with custom roms, now developers can build their own custom kernels…. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III Vs HTC One X

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1ZHOyC7c0Q&feature=youtu.be HTC and Samsung have been vying for the top spot for Android smartphone around the world, releasing their two newest flagships: the One X from HTC, and the Galaxy S III from Samsung. Which one if better? Joey Lehto compares them head-on!… Read more

AT&T One X, Evo 4G LTE Overclocked To 1.8GHz

Four years ago, most computer SoCs couldn’t even reach 1.8GHz, but today developers have managed to get the HTC One X to that very speed. Members over at XDA have built an entirely new kernel, capable of taking the MSM8960 Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 to extreme limits. In fact, the new software even allows users to take the device past 1.8GHz through the use… Read more

HTC One X Soon Coming To TELUS In Canada

Slowly but surely, HTC is rolling out various members of their One family to different carriers. The latest one to receive carrier branding is the HTC One X which will now be offered on two carriers in Canada. It originally launched on Rogers and now TELUS has put the phone in their “Coming Soon” section. Pricing and a release date are missing from the… Read more

HTC One X: AT&T’s Best Handset Yet

Please note that portions of this review were taken from the EVO 4G LTE review, as the devices have near identical specs, along with running the same software. The HTC One X has been out on AT&T for awhile now, but a delay at US Customs has stopped its sales for a few weeks. It will be making a full return coming Sunday, June 10th, and we have just… Read more

HTC One X On AT&T Receiving OTA Update, Brings Important Fixes

I’ve had the HTC One X since last Friday, and one of the biggest issues with the device has been data connectivity issues. These have happening across both WiFi and HSPA+, being something very annoying for someone who is constantly streaming music. HTC has realized the issue and is acting in a very rapid manner, as I have received the notification for a new… Read more