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HTC One X will become available April 6 in the UK

HTC’s One X and One S has easily been their most hyped up phones as of late, offering a gorgeous design and high-end specs. We know almost everything about the handsets, right down to the poor quality of the camera on board the One X. One thing we did not have information on was ship dates, and when the phone would become available. Now we have just that,… Read more

HTC One X for O2 UK expected to go on sale April 5

Despite the fact that HTC officially announced the One Series back in February during Mobile World Congress, we are still expectantly waiting to hear exact dates for a launch for their new devices. At the top of the pack is the One X, which is HTC’s first attempt at creating a device with a quad-core processor under the hood. While it is believed the… Read more

HTC One X Deluxe Limited Edition unveiled in Taiwan

Despite the fact that you can’t really buy, and start using an HTC One X right now, and that would make us think that the device is pretty “limited edition” at this point, that hasn’t stopped HTC from unveiling a brand new variation of their recently announced high-end device. The One X Deluxe Limited Edition is headed to Taiwan here shortly, and it will… Read more

HTC One X gets rooted

Despite the fact that regular consumers can’t get their hands on the One X by HTC quite yet, that hasn’t stopped some intrepid individuals out there from managing to gain root access before retail availability. Things like this have happened in the past, so it’s not all that uncommon or shocking. More than anything, it’s a good sign that the development… Read more

Can HTC turn Sense around?

Over the past year I have become more and more fond of stock Android, the no frills version Google originally created. However, there was once a time that I was a huge fan of HTC’s vision of what Android should be, also known as Sense UI. When Android 1.5 and 1.6 was the norm for many devices, Sense made those device’s software more visually appealing, and… Read more

HTC One X passes through the FCC

Looks like it isn’t just the ASUS-branded tablet getting some love from the FCC. The One X by HTC has officially passed through the FCC’s labyrinth, and with it it shows off those AT&T bands so necessary to launch on Big Blue’s network this year. Unfortunately, while it would be great to learn some interesting secret about HTC’s next flagship device,… Read more

HTC’s Chief Product Officer admits Sense got too cluttered

Over the years, HTC’s Sense UI has become something of a conundrum. After all, it started the proprietary user interface movement within the Android market, and it is widely admitted that Sense brought Android into the public eye with its easy to use functionality, plus other features. But, that’s changed, as Sense has become something of a bloated piece of… Read more

HTC One Series gets legacy menu button shown off in screenshots

While HTC is putting all of their eggs in their new “One” series of devices, it looks like some people are a bit wary about some of the new “features” they have implemented on their devices. Specifically, HTC steered away from the software buttons that were made famous with the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung, and opted for three capacitive buttons below each… Read more