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Midweek Poll: Should Every Android Phone Manufacturer Offer A “Google Edition” Option?

When Google announced the Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S 4 at Google I/O earlier this month, it took a lot of us by surprise.  It’s such an interesting prospect.  A lot of us Android fans love the stock Android experience, and for that to be offered on the Galaxy S 4 might be a dream come true for you.  We’re even hearing rumors about HTC offering a… Read more

HTC Posts Video Of Their Product Timeline And Innovations

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0s-_JwPH0xs HTC has been in the cell phone game for quite a while, even before the term “smartphone” was commonly used. They have made a lot of devices, and plenty of them were innovative. They made phones with keyboards, touch screens, and even the first 3G Windows Mobile smartphone. They’ve also… Read more

Here Is The Winner Of The HTC One From DroidDog And AT&T!

We recently had a giveaway for the famous HTC One, and we have a winner! We asked you to tell us what your favorite feature is on the One, and how you’d use it, in 20 words or less. His response was, “My favorite feature is the ZOE camera mode. I am going to make the best cat .gifs ever seen!” Very clever, but now he owes us those .gifs. Here is… Read more

New Report Suggests HTC In “Complete Disarray,” Struggling To Hold On To Key Staff

A brand new report surfacing out of The Verge suggests things are not all sunshine and rainbows in HTC’s camp. With key staff exiting the company, a “disastrous” HTC First launch and inventory constraints plaguing the HTC One launch, the company’s future looks anything but certain. In the past three months HTC has lost Jason Gordon, the company’s… Read more

HTC One Full Review

When it comes down to Android, we have two huge manufacturers duking it out to create the Android king of 2013. HTC brought out their flagship phone for 2013, the HTC One, to lots of applause. But Samsung came back swinging with their offering of the Galaxy S4. I’ve had the chance for the past couple of weeks to spend some quality time with the HTC One… Read more

HTC One Allegedly Getting 4.2.2 Update In The Coming Weeks

Both the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 launched at approximately the same time, but the gap in their software was pretty big. The Galaxy S 4 launched with the newest version of Android available, 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Previously relegated to Nexus devices, Samsung adopted it for their newest flagship. However, the HTC One launched with 4.1.2, a much… Read more