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HTC Releases Source Code For The One And DROID DNA

In a surprising move, HTC has released the source code for some variants of the HTC One. I say surprising because they usually release source code months after the phone, which is absolutely ridiculous. Case in point: Along with the HTC One source code, HTC also released the source for the DROID DNA. That device is a good 5 months old. But I guess this… Read more

Red HTC One Appears Again, May Be Saved For The Future

There has been another spotting of the fabled red HTC One. It showed up on their site once before, and was promptly taken down. Only the black and silver now remain, but that raises the question, will there be other colors for the One? The red one being up was confirmed as nothing more than a mistake, so we aren’t getting a red one anytime… Read more

Chinese HTC One Variant Has MicroSD Slot Under Removable Cover

Prepare for madness. A Chinese variant of the HTC One, with the model number 802w meant for China Unicom, has both a second SIM slot and a microSD card slot under a removable cover. Every design sacrifice made in the normal One has been thrown out there door, aside from a removable battery of course. But expandable storage could have made this device so… Read more

Pre-Order AT&T HTC One, Get Free Media Link HD

Even though each of the three carriers is getting the same HTC One, AT&T is managing to differentiate itself and offer an extra bonus for pre-ordering there. If you pre-order the device through April 18th, they will give you a free HTC Media Link HD with your purchase. It’s not a cheap product, so you’re getting a really good deal (if you ignore the… Read more

32GB Model Of HTC One Pre-Orders Starting This Week

The HTC One was unfortunately delayed, but companies are so eager to sell the devices. According to unofficial word, AT&T is going to be starting pre-orders on the One this week. The 32GB model will be available first and, with a new contract, it will set you back $250. This price is on par with the Galaxy S 4, so competition will be stiff. Rumors say… Read more