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HTC One Disassembled By iFixit, The Name Says It All

The HTC One has an aluminum unibody design that leads to a premium feel, but it has its major downsides. What happens if something breaks out of warranty? Or you cracked your display and need to replace it? You’ll have to do it yourself on any phone, but it has to be easy enough. iFixit decided to tear the HTC One apart to see how easy it is to… Read more

HTC One Now Available In The UK

IF you live in the UK and have been looking to buy the HTC One, today is the day. They released the device in the UK today and it’s available from many places, be it carriers or retailers. You can even buy them from Amazon UK (or Clove, Phones4u, or Dial A Phone) off contract if you don’t want to sign a contract. Just remember that supplies are low,… Read more

HTC, When We Said Advertise More, We Didn’t Mean Like This

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zPFoQ-I0oME HTC released a new commercial showing BlinkFeed off on the new HTC One. Sense 5 comes with a new feature called BlinkFeed, which replaces the launchers homepage with a clock and a feed of social posts and news. It could be a very useful feature for many people and shouldn’t be discounted… Read more

HTC Brags About The One During Galaxy S 4 Event

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=_h90iGXam0A They’re announcing the Galaxy 4 HTC has been making a huge push into the phone market again, even if it means getting a little dirty. They’ve been trolling Samsung here and there, but this video (on their official YouTube) takes it a bit further. During the Samsung event announcing… Read more

Verizon May Still Be Getting The HTC One

Verizon customers who have wanted to buy an HTC One have been on an emotional rollercoaster. The official HTC One announcement made no mention of Verizon as a carrier, while the other three big US carriers were named. Then there were rumors of Verizon getting the One, though a few months late. Excitement built, until it was shot down by HTC itself…. Read more