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HTC’s Zoe Share Is Live With Many Zoes On Display

With the introduction of the HTC One came the new Sense 5, and with Sense 5 came a pretty unique feature called HTC Zoe. Zoe is a suite of software that takes video before and after you take photos, bringing stills to life. It also edits all these moments together into a collage and a 30 second video, complete with filters, a soundtrack, and automatic… Read more

HTC’s Facebook Claims HTC One Series Is Getting Sense 5

It seems like a faithful HTC fan has asked HTC if the HTC One X is getting the update to Sense 5 on their Facebook. And surprisingly, he got a response. HTC responded with this: HTC will be offering upgrades to some of its existing devices in the next few months, including global variants of HTC One X, One X+, One S and the HTC Butterfly. Also, note… Read more

The HTC One Will Be HTC’s Only Flagship This Year

Here is a great piece of news. The head of HTC UK and Ireland, Phil Roberson, had a briefing with Omio and they discussed the One lineup for 2013. We all wondered whether it would be a repeat of 2012. HTC promised to simplify the lineup with only three phones, yet managed to release three more One series devices before the year was over. It was a… Read more

HTC One Can Extract Data From iPhone Backups To Ease Transition

If you’re an iPhone user planning to switch to an HTC One, you’re in luck. To ease the transition, HTC Sync Manager will have support for iPhone backups. This means that it’ll transfer your contacts, photos, videos, calendar, and text messages to your brand new HTC One. The only thing you’ll really have to rebuild yourself is an app collection, but with… Read more

HTC Offers Cash For Upgrading To An HTC One

We aren’t sure that you need more incentive to buy the HTC One, but in case you do, HTC is offering it. HTC is willing to give you $100 or the trade in value of your old phone for buying the HTC One and sending in your old phone to them. The best part? It isn’t your phone’s value up to $100, it’s whichever is greater. So if your phone is worth under… Read more

Watch The Entire HTC Event Announcing The HTC One

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5HM8MHkL3c HTC announced the HTC One yesterday at their own event, and if you missed it, whether you were at work or still asleep, we have you covered. Here is the full announcement, clocking in at a little over 37 minutes, for you to watch in HD. It’s definitely an interesting event. Now that you’ve had a day to think… Read more

Hands On Videos Of The HTC One

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QsfHpAqJXEA With the HTC One just announced, it’s getting a lot of attention. And attention it deserves, with its powerful Snapdragon 600, all metal construction, and unique 4MP Ultrapixel camera. It’s definitely something special, and everyone seems to want to get their hands on it. While we can’t… Read more

Comparing The HTC One, One X+, And One X

We know that the HTC One is a fantastic and powerful device. Hell, look at these benchmarks! But how does it stack up against HTC’s previous flagships, the One X and One X+? Is it worth the upgrade? Should you keep your old device? Or do you need the new One? Well, we can’t really tell you. But we can help you make that decision! One of the biggest… Read more

HTC One Benchmarked, That’s One Big Number

The HTC One has been released, paired with its brand new Snapdragon 600 processor. So what does a nerd do the first time he gets to touch an HTC One? Benchmark it of course! We all love benchmarks, even if they mean very little in real world usage. So here you go. Impressive, right? When a Note II (a little customized) gets around 7540, and the… Read more