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OnLive Could Make Its Way to Sony’s Google TV

Sony’s new NSZ-GS7 Google TV could be getting support for OnLive gaming capabilities directly out of the box. VentureBeat has found a bit of interesting information on Sony’s official website, detailing an “OnLive controller/USB dongle”. Whether or not the service will come pre-installed remains unclear, but it appears Son’y newest Google TV will get… Read more

OnLive Viewer finds its way into Google TV

Well, it was bound to happen and now, it looks like it finally did. OnLive, the company that is bringing an online streaming service for games to users everywhere, has announced that their OnLive Viewer is available on all Google TV devices. They say that full game compatibility will come “soon”. Another announcement that goes hand-in-hand with the release… Read more

Song Xperia Play now compatible with OnLive

One of the perks to buying an Xperia Play would be the fact that it has better game support than most other Android devices, and that has just gotten better. Onlive has recently released an app for its services to the Android Market, allowing players to use either their touchscreen or a Bluetooth controller to play full PC games. In its most recent update,… Read more

OnLive hits Android; LA Noire in tow

OnLive has launched on Android allowing subscribers to play games on their tablets and smartphones. OnLive’s service utilizes server-side computing power to render graphically-intense games and stream them via the cloud. The game-streaming service adds L.A. Noire to its offerings and brings on-screen controls created by the developers that will leverage… Read more

HTC investing $40m in OnLive

Just yesterday, HTC announced a new partnership formed with digital multimedia delivery company Saffron Digital. Today, the company has its sights set on another digital media distribution outfit: OnLive. OnLive is a company specializing in cloud-based gaming. OnLive hosts games in the cloud, allowing you play from your TV, computer, iPad, and coming… Read more