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Google preaches open source gospel in D.C.

Last December, GNU/Linux/FLOSS contributor and advocate Jeremy Allison sat down with Google’s biggest FOSS wig, Chris DiBona to discuss a year of open source software at the Big G, including the Google Summer of Code, WebM, and all sorts of other issues and projects that come under Chris’ purview as the company’s open source and… Read more

Google’s Summer of Code 2011 announced in Australia

Linux geeks from around the world are gathered in Brisbane, Australia at the moment for the linux.conf.au (LCA, or Linux Conference Australia) and Google chose yesterday, the first day of the conference, to announce the 2011 Summer of Code. This will be Google’s seventh Summer of Code, in which the company gathers students from diverse countries and… Read more

Videos: Google’s open source year in review

Chris DiBona is Google’s Open Source Programs Manager, and oversaw many of the over 100 Google projects released in 2010. This week, he sat down with GNU/Linux wiz Jeremy Allison for a casual video interview to talk about Android, Chrome OS, new technologies like WebM, the Summer of Code, licensing, the state of open source around the world, some personal… Read more