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Tweet Lanes Goes Open Source, Calls For Help

Tweet Lanes was a fantastic concept on what a Holo-themed Twitter app could look like. It also offered a unique take on the reply system, where there was an omnipresent bar with a text field at the bottom and pressing a tweet would add the username to it to reply. However, due to Twitters new 100k user token limit, the developer had to let the project… Read more

Sony Releases Kernel Source For Xperia Z

Sony has been amazing with their developer support, trying to get AOSP support for the Xperia S, releasing alpha ROMs to the public with full source code, and now releasing full and working source code for their newest flagship, the Sony Xperia Z. Yes, even though the Xperia Z is not out in most of the world (only in Japan at the moment), full… Read more

Google Sky Map development ceased, going open source

One of the first times I used an Android phone, Google Sky Maps was one of the apps that really hooked me in. Never before had I seen a phone’s software take such advantage of the hardware, and it really amazed me. It made me feel like my new iPhone 3GS was outdated, and that I had to have an Android phone. Fast forward to now, and that very app is… Read more

Google preaches open source gospel in D.C.

Last December, GNU/Linux/FLOSS contributor and advocate Jeremy Allison sat down with Google’s biggest FOSS wig, Chris DiBona to discuss a year of open source software at the Big G, including the Google Summer of Code, WebM, and all sorts of other issues and projects that come under Chris’ purview as the company’s open source and… Read more

Google’s new YouTube channel: Open Source Programs Office

Yesterday, Google launched a new YouTube channel called googleOSPO. It’s an organizational channel established for the purpose of bringing open source related content from other Google channels together in one place. There you’ll find videos from Google Tech Talks episodes of Geek Time, and more. This new channel runs alongside the Google OSPO Student… Read more