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Opera’s Web-Kit Based Browser Now Available In The Play Store, Ready To Take On Chrome

Opera’s finally ready to unveil their Webkit-powered browser for Android to the world as it exits its beta today. We first caught wind of the browser during a brief preview in February at Mobile World Congress. The beta launched in March and exits into the Play Store with a few new features and a promise of something better. Opera surprised many when it… Read more

Opera for tablets to be on display at CES

Announced via their My Opera blog, popular software developer Opera will have a tablet only version of their browser on display at CES. As you will see in the video below, Opera for tablets appears to be running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab, with a very familiar “all new” UI. Right from the beginning of the video demo you’ll notice Opera’s “Speed Dial” bookmark… Read more

Opera Mobile 10.1 beta launches in Android Market

It’s been a long time coming, but as we were promised last week, Opera Mobile has finally made its way into the Android Market, albeit a beta incarnation. Opera’s scaled down Mini version of their browser has been available on Android for some time–over a year–but, despite its smooth operation, Opera Mini is a essentially a dumbphone browser (though a… Read more

Opera Mobile for Android coming November 9th

Opera Mobile version 10.1 for Android has long been making a ruckus in the blog-sphere, especially after it was shown off just a couple weeks ago on TechCrunch TV. The video demo, which you’ll find below, shows just how powerful the browser is. By utilizing hardware acceleration, multi-touch and web surfing have never been smoother. Until now, the only… Read more

Opera Mini 5 Review

I wrote an article recently talking about how the new Motorola i1 was rumored to have Opera Mini as the default browser and that got me to thinking. If Opera is the biggest mobile browser, then surely I have used it. So why don’t I remember? I read quite a bit on how it is extremely lite, fast, good looking, and very functional. I have never been a big fan… Read more

More details on Motorola’s i1

While we already know (or so we hope we know) quite a few specs on the i1, things keep coming out of the woodwork. Just a few days ago we found out that the name may be changing from the Opus One to the i1, and today we find out that it just may release with a 5MP camera, not 3MP, and ship with Opera Mini as the default browser. First off, who doesn’t… Read more

Opera 10 still planned for Android

Last year, we heard about Opera 10, and how it was planned that it would make its way to the Android mobile Operating System. Well, that hasn’t happened quite yet, but if you were looking forward to using a new browser, don’t be discouraged. It’s still happening, apparently. According to Opera, they’ve just been working directly with OEMs, trying to get… Read more