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LG Announces 5.5″ Optimus G Pro (Again), Curved Glass And All

Let’s just clear this up right away, LG has already “announced” the Optimus G Pro through their own Facebook page and Korean newswires. Still, LG saw fit to announce the Optimus G Pro again with their keynote event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. LG says the curved glass hardware, which comes in black and white by the way produces… Read more

AT&T/Sprint LG Optimus G First Impressions

I have had the pleasure of spending a few days with the two different models of the LG Optimus G, namely the AT&T and Sprint models. Though I have not used them enough for a full review, it has been enough experience to write a first impressions post. First of all, most of the specs are shared between the AT&T and Sprint Optimus G’s. They both have… Read more

Consumer Reports Rates Several Android Phones Over The iPhone 5

Are we surprised? I’m trying to decided if I’m surprised or not.  However, as can be seen in a photo taken from this coming February issue of Consumer Reports, in the 2013 Smartphone survey several Android phones are rated ahead of the iPhone 5.  I don’t disagree, but if you look back at my top phones of 2012, I am surprised about some phone I’m not… Read more

LG Says Lack Of LTE In Nexus 4 Due To Leftover Chip Technology

Note: This article has been cross-posted on TmoNews.  With the sudden discovery that LTE on the Nexus 4 “can work” on the AWS band with a minimum of work, LG is taking to the press to officially discuss the lack of the feature. In fact, LG’s reasoning is pretty much exactly what we expected, the Nexus 4 has leftover chip technology from the LG… Read more