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LG Optimus Elite for Sprint tipped for a launch in May

Late last night, initial word of a new device called the Optimus Elite broke cover, suggesting that Sprint has yet another device planned for an early launch this year. However, unlike the rumored HTC Jewel we heard about a few days ago, the Optimus Elite is a handset that’s specifically aimed at the entry-level market, and has the stats to prove… Read more

LG Optimus 3D briefly enjoys product page at Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse has been the source of a number of early accessories and various hints that have revealed release windows and other information regarding yet-to-be-released products. Today, the Dutch site for Carphone Warehouse briefly enjoyed a coming soon page for LG’s upcoming Optimus 3D device, a gadget that LG has discussed in concept lately… Read more

CES: Details on the LG Optimus Black

LG has put out a press release on the mysterious Optimus Black believed to be the LG B from a couple weeks back. It would appear that is indeed the case. The LG Optimus Black features a 4″ NOVA display, Android 2.2 (with 2.3 upgrade eligibility), Wi-Fi Direct, 2MP front-facing camera, Optimus UI 2.0, 1500mAh battery, and comes in at only 9.2 mm thick…. Read more

LG GT540 branded Optimus

Although it’s reported to ship with Android 2.1, Optimus, previously known as the LG GT540, is definitely at the lower end of the smartphone market. The device was mentioned at CES but kept a rather low profile until the LG France blog posted these, and other, images. This is the first taste we’ve had of the phone’s colorful flavors: Via… Read more