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Motorola i1 / Opus One

Specs: 512MB Flash / 256MB of RAM; 5mp camera w/ LED flash; 320×480 capacitive touchscreen; WiFi b,g; 2.5mm headphone jack; iDEN; Dual mic Rumored Release: Q3 2010 Notes: The i1 is rumored to be the first Android device to appear on the US carrier Nextel and Boost Mobile. The i1 features Motorola’s custom UI MotoBLUR. It has also been rumored… Read more

Opus One specs and video

The videos I’m posting here are not new. I meant to get to them sooner but I have been waiting for things to settle down and for some solid specs to be released – one way or another. They have, and they are included. The brief history of Opus One on the Internet is interesting, to say the least. It’s almost too strange to be true. The first video was pulled… Read more