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Oracle Files For Appeal In Java Case Against Google

The lawsuits never end. When Google won the patent case that Oracle brought upon them, we had a glimmer of hope that it was over between the two companies. Of course, that was a foolish thing to think. Oracle has now filed an appeal of the US District Court ruling. If you don’t remember, Oracle lost the lawsuit because the judge found that Java API… Read more

Jury Decides Android Does Not Infringe On Oracle’s Patents

Today, the jury unanimously decided that Android does not infringe on two of Oracle’s patents. This is great news for Android, as Google wouldn’t have to pay royalty fees just because Oracle unfairly sued them. Android, though a free OS, already comes with a ton of royalty fees for manufacturers. It saddens me to see manufacturers have to pay other… Read more

Oracle says Google is pulling in $10 million a day from Android

Looks like Oracle has much to say about how much money Google is pulling from its brainchild Android, the OS that could. Currently, Oracle is in the midst of litigation with Google because of an IP infringement case revolving around Java. Oracle is seeking damages for Google infringing on what they call proprietary code. How much in damages? Well, that’s… Read more

Google scores a point in Oracle court battle

Google was sued by Oracle last year for allegedly infringing on patents based on their Java platform. A portfolio of patents Oracle scored when they acquired Sun Microsystems. The initial suit sought $6.1 billion in damages for the infringement. Early in the case, Google requested that an examination of all the patents involved in the suit be… Read more