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Orange Tahiti now available in the UK

Orange is a carrier that doesn’t mind using manufacturer’s hardware to promote their own name, just as we’ve seen with Android-powered smartphones in the past. Now they’re aiming their sights on a tablet with the Orange Tahiti, which is actually manufactured by Huawei. The Tahiti is a 7-inch tablet, and has been seen here in the States as the T-Mobile… Read more

Orange’s Boston and black Desire

European wireless carrier, Orange, has announced its own Android handset, manufactured by Foxxcon. The Boston (first image below) is a lower end Android, with a 320 x 480 display and Android 1.6, being offered for the low price of a single Euro, on contract of course. For those seeking a more polished and robust experience, the black Desire (second image)… Read more

DEXT unboxed in the UK

Here’s a taste of the unboxing videos sure to pop up in the US in the coming weeks, although the box art is likely to differ. It’s the Motorola DEXT on the UK carrier, Orange. For those of us in America, the phone will be called Cliq, and will be on the T-Mobile network. Via… Read more