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Apple Cuts Back on Samsung Component Orders For New iPhone 5 – Denies It’s Out Of Spite

According to Reuters – a “source with direct knowledge on the matter” has stated today that Samsung is experiencing a decrease in the amount of orders for RAM and Flash Memory chips for the new iPhone. The iPhone 5, which is expected to be unveiled next Wednesday, was originally thought to be using a significant amount of Samsung internals just like… Read more

[UPDATE] Verizon Shipping Galaxy SIII Orders July 6th?

Rumors are going around that Verizon will be shipping the Galaxy SIII orders out July 6th. That’s a whole month away, and seems a bit extreme. Considering T-Mobile and Sprint are releasing theirs on the 21st of June, this is over two weeks longer. It’s a little worrying, to say the least. Another date being tossed around is July 9th, which is even… Read more