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Samsung’s Orion is now the Exynos 4210

For quite some time now, we’ve been referring to Samsung’s first dual-core processor as Orion. Apparently that was only a codename, as the company has now revealed the chip’s final name: The Exynos 4210. Why Exynos? The word comes from two Greek words, exypnos and prasinos, meaning smart and green. As if you couldn’t already guess from the logo and… Read more

Samsung announces dual-core “Orion” processor

Each unwilling to be beat to the dual-core punch, both LG and Samsung are announcing new dual-core platforms today; LG, the Tegra 2 with two 1GHz cores, and Samsung, with the product codenamed Orion. The first demonstration of the dual-core processor will occur at the seventh annual Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum in Teipei. The A9 dual cores will provide… Read more