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Ubuntu Touch Spreading To More Android Devices

If you have been interested in trying out Ubuntu Touch, but lack a Nexus device it is compatible with, you might get your chance soon. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has announced a ton of new devices that are being added to the Ubuntu Touch roster. They are sorted by “Sort of working” and “Work in progress” but there are many new devices listed… Read more

December comScore Numbers Show Android Still On Top (Obviously)

The December 3 month period comScore numbers and in, and it’s more of the same thing. In the software part of it, Android rose 0.9 points to 53.4%, while iOS rose a whole 2 points to 36.3%. Blackberry dropped 2 points, but that might very well change in the next few months. Sadly, Windows Phone dropped 0.7 points to only 2.9%. Symbian stayed constant at… Read more

Another Chromebook Hits The Play Store From Acer, Only $199

We now have yet another option for a Chromebook, and that’s a great thing. We thought that the $250 Samsung Chromebook was cheap, but this is a whole different level. They priced it at only $199 while retaining a real Intel processor (the Samsung has an ARM processor). It also includes an 11.6″ 1366×768 display (that’s a good density), a slightly… Read more

Ubuntu Team Releases Ubuntu Nexus 7 Desktop Installer

The Canonical team has done it again. They’ve shown off Ubuntu on Android phones before, running the full desktop. now we get to experience it for ourselves, and this release is for the Nexus 7. It’s native Ubuntu, no emulation, no virtual machine, just Ubuntu replacing Android completely. It’s a very easy install process (though you do have to have… Read more

Will Samsung Build Up Its Own OS To Stop Relying On Android?

If Verizon’s CEO has anything to say about it, Samsung should consider launching its own mobile operating system in a very big way. “There’s a potential elephant in the room with Samsung,” said Lowell McAdam at an investor conference earlier in the week. There is little question that Samsung has all the resources to do exactly what McAdam is talking… Read more

Pandora Possibly Hinting At Jelly Bean?

Google might not be too happy about this one! Pandora might have given away the fact that there is a new Android OS version coming out soon. Their newest update for the Pandora app shows “Compatibility support for upcoming Android OS” in the changelog. This is right after all the rumors of the Nexus 7 tablet and the various pieces of proof that Android… Read more