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OtterBox Cases Now Available For The HTC One

The HTC One may be made out of metal, but it’s still aluminum. Aluminum is soft, and will dent and scratch really easily. Keep that in mind when buying the One: It won’t be take a big beating. However, that’s absolutely no reason not to buy it! But if you’re clumsy, you should definitely find a way to protect your brand new phones. OtterBox has you… Read more

Otterbox Announces Trio Of Cases For The Galaxy S 4

If you’re planning to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S 4 but are the clumsy kind of person, Otterbox has you covered. Otterbox makes some of the most rugged cases out there, and they announced three cases for the Galaxy S 4: the Defender, the Commuter, and the Reflex. The Defender is the bulky, crazy rugged case with three layers of protection and a built in… Read more

Otterbox Defender cases now available for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

If you plan on spending money on a high-end phone, you might as well invest in protecting it, right? For anyone looking to buy Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus, you can now be assured that Otterbox will have it covered. The Defender case has been spotted at Verizon stores. There isn’t any info on a price as of right now, and Otterbox doesn’t even have it up on their… Read more

Otterbox for Android


Otterbox owes a lot of their fame to their iPhone cases. I have seen them everywhere, and despite the majority of them being pitch-black, they are also easy to recognize; they have that signature-shaped notch near the earpiece. They have also been known for offering superior protection to your phone, with greater resistance to dropping and breaking, and a… Read more