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Verizon Collecting And Selling Your Private Data, Opt Out Available

Carriers never miss a chance to be a bit more evil. Verizon is a prime suspect here, when it was revealed that they use a program called Precision Market Insights to sell private data to other companies. The data isn’t just location or anything simple like that, it’s also your device, websites you’ve visited, social media accounts used, age, and even if… Read more

Amazon Says They Are Working On An Opt-Out For Kindle Fire Ads

Yesterday we reported that there will be ads in all Kindle Fire models, with no way to opt out. Well Amazon decided to clarify that there will be a way to opt out, though they don’t know how just yet. They haven’t stated a method to do so, but it will be “announced soon.” It’ll probably be a flat fee, and something ridiculous most likely. Seeing as the… Read more

Sprint Giving Free Extended Batteries To Galaxy Nexus Owners

A Sprint memo has been leaked showing that coming August 19th, Sprint will be giving out free extended batteries for Galaxy Nexus owners. That’s $50 in savings. Literally free. More info: May be offered proactively Offer good while supplies last Available to new and existing customers (no purchase necessary) Customer must enter promo code at… Read more