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ASUS Updated Padfone 2 With Jelly Bean 4.1

ASUS has had a great track record with updating their devices (though a not-so-positive track record with updates working properly). Thus it’s no surprise that the ASUS Padfone 2 has been updated to Jelly Bean today. The 4.1 update should be rolling out as an OTA, so go into Settings and check for updates. It’ll be a hefty download, so get on a WiFi… Read more

ASUS PadFone 2 Gets Shown Off With A Sleek White Paint Job

When ASUS announced the PadFone 2, they mentioned that it would be released in black and white. While we’ve seen plenty of the black model, we haven’t seen hide or hair of the other coat of paint. That takes a 180° turn today as a whole lot of shots of the white version have come out. Chinese site, VR-Zone, has snagged several high-quality shots of the… Read more

ASUS Posts Some Additional Video Highlighting The PadFone 2

ASUS’ unveiling of the PadFone 2 is admittedly one of the more intriguing announcements we’ve seen in sometime. Given that Motorola just ended their own Laptop and webdock experiment, we’re definitely interested to see what kind of success ASUS can achieve with their smartphone/tablet hybrid. The new PadFone 2 is a step above its… Read more

ASUS Officially Announces The PadFone 2: 4.7-inch Smartphone With A Quad-core Processor, LTE, And More

Earlier today, ASUS revealed the follow up to their original PadFone – a smartphone & tablet combo that launched just a few months back. The PadFone took over 12 months to come to the market following it’s original announcement (and eventual re-announcement), so it’s no surprise to see its successor making a debut so soon after the first units hit… Read more

ASUS PadFone 2 Revealed In Video And Leaked Press Shots

ASUS’ PadFone 2 will be officially unveiled during simultaneous events in Milan and Taipei next week, but Bloomberg TV received an early look at the smartphone, tablet combo. The next PadFone appears to be somewhat similar to the first generation, save for the larger 4.7″ screen and 13 megapixel camera. It’s the PadFone tablet station that… Read more