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Solid Explorer Out Of Beta, Turns Into Trial, Full Version $1.99

Solid Explorer has been updated today, dropping the Beta tag and being released as a full product. A fan favorite for its UI, Solid Explorer has a fairly big user base. Unfortunately, there is a complication. As soon as you update, your Solid Explorer turns into a two week trial. The unlocker costs only $1.99, and the developer deserves to get paid for… Read more

Action Launcher Hits The Play Store For $4

Developer Chris Lacy gained some fame from his Twitter app Tweet Lanes, which was unfortunately cancelled recently. However, his app got some serious attention due to the unique and attractive interface design, all based on Holo. His next app, however, is a full launcher. It’s a fresh take on a sea of identical launchers, though we don’t know how good… Read more

Carrier Billing On Verizon For The Play Store Launches Today

The day has finally come: Verizon now allows you to buy apps from the Play Store and charge your bill instead of your credit card. Though I personally use a credit card, carrier billing has often been a useful feature in the family on AT&T. For first time Android users, the setup for buying apps is a lot quicker and easier. However, there is one… Read more

Top apps and games in the Android Market

Early this morning, Distimo released their monthly report, for June.  The report covers top apps and games, both free and paid, for Android Market, iPhone App Store, Palm App Catalog, Nokia Ovi Store, Blackberry App World, and Windows Marketplace. Let’s focus on our lil green buddy… Robo Defense still tops the paid games list and makes an… Read more