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Top 4 Reader Recommendations: Streaming Music Services

We covered music players last week, so this week I wanted to focus on your top streaming music services.  This list was compiled prior to Google’s new Google Play Music All Access, so this new streaming service wasn’t an option for you to suggest.  My suspicion is that if I asked the same question a month from now, All Access would be on this list…. Read more

Pandora Adding 40 Hour A Month Streaming Limit For Mobile Users

For those of you who are heavy Pandora streamers, the founder of Pandora has brought some less than ideal news. This week, they are introducing a 40 hour a month streaming limit on mobile devices. The streaming limit will not affect desktop users (thank god), but you mobile users will be cut off past the 40 hour mark. This decision was made because… Read more

Pandora for Android Updated With New UI, Lyrics

Pandora, an app I know many people use, has gotten a pretty big update. First and foremost, you’ll notice that the UI is radically different. It has a new blue theme that takes inspiration from the holo UI Google has been pushing so hard. Strange that they recolored it, but it still looks good. Other than that, you get song lyrics for songs, along with… Read more

Pandora Possibly Hinting At Jelly Bean?

Google might not be too happy about this one! Pandora might have given away the fact that there is a new Android OS version coming out soon. Their newest update for the Pandora app shows “Compatibility support for upcoming Android OS” in the changelog. This is right after all the rumors of the Nexus 7 tablet and the various pieces of proof that Android… Read more

Pandora Radio for Android

This is the big Android app news for the day, and since I won’t be getting a video review up tonight I figured I should offer some screenshots; short and sweet – tour style. I’m sure this one will turn up in an episode of DroidWars before too long. The app is… Read more