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Pantech Element for AT&T now available

While Verizon is busy launching three versions of the same device, AT&T has released the first Android-powered tablet from Pantech on their network. The Element is a water-proof device that was released on Sunday, January 22nd, and it is available now across all channels. The Pantech Element is an 8-inch device with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, a 5MP… Read more

Pantech reportedly set to pay Microsoft for Android patents

Microsoft has been watching over the Android manufacturers like a hawk. Thanks to the patent policy in place here in the United States, Microsoft is capitalizing on licensing agreements from many of the largest Android vendors out there, all in hopes of making a few extra dollars per handset sold. It looks like Pantech is next on Microsoft’s radar, if a new… Read more

Pantech Element for AT&T hands-on at CES 2012

We’ve seen the Pantech Element a couple of times in the past, but AT&T and Pantech were more than happy to showcase the waterproof device at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Our dear friends at PhoneDog were able to get their hands on the device and play around with it for a bit, which they were nice enough to record. The Pantech… Read more

Pantech Element poster spied at AT&T corporate store

We’ve been hearing rumblings about the new tablet from Pantech for awhile now, and most recent rumors regarding the device had suggested the device would be landing in stores sometime very soon. A new image, with plenty of new information, suggests that we’ve got a bit of time before the “waterproof” tablet finds its way to stores, but with that price tag… Read more