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Pantech Teases The Announcement Of Their Vega Iron

Pantech is slowly growing into a big player in the Android world, but they have quite a way to go. Starting off with budget phones, Pantech was mostly relegated to the bargain bin. In fact, some of their feature phones were pretty poor quality. However, moving up to the Android world did them a lot of good. They started making surprisingly decent… Read more

First Impressions Of The Pantech Discover: My Thoughts

Not long before winter storm Nemo blasted its way through Michigan on Thursday, the Fed-Ex man showed up at my door with a special package, the Pantech Discover. Now that I’ve spent a couple of days with it, I thought I’d throw up a brief post about what I think of it so far. So let’s cut the small talk and get down to business. The Pantech Discover… Read more

Samsung & LG Expected To Offer 1080p HD Handsets In Early 2013

1080p HD displays have been in the works for what seems like forever. Chinese company Oppo was the first official manufacturer to announce a 1080p device, however, the major players in the industry are making it a point to not be left behind. According to Korea’s MK News, word from its industry sources this morning, are that both Samsung and LG are… Read more

AT&T Pantech Burst Receiving ICS Update Today

The Pantech Element isn’t the only Pantech receiving an Ice Cream Sandwich update today. The Pantech Burst joins in for dessert with its own update. Unfortunately, it too is not an OTA and requires a Windows PC to install. However, it’s still a good update that should make a lot of Burst owners happy. Here’s a changelog: New User… Read more

AT&T Pantech Element ICS Update Ready For Download

If you bought a Pantech Element from AT&T, today will be a good day for you. Your tablet will be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich today! Pantech is rolling out the update today, and it can be downloaded from their website, just click here. You’ll need a Windows PC to flash the update though, it won’t be an OTA sadly. Still, it’s a good update, and I… Read more