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Pantech Flex For AT&T Coming Out 9/16 For $50

Remember that Pantech Magnus that we reported on earlier? Pantech’s first foray into the high end world? That wasn’t accurate, apparently. The Magnus, now revealed to be the Pantech Flex, is actually a budget phone that will only be $50 on contract with AT&T. The specs we reported on were not accurate, so here are the real ones: 4.3″ qHD Super… Read more

Pantech Magnus Photos Leaked

We reported on the Pantech P9090 earlier, better known as the Pantech Magnus. It still isn’t official, but now we have a photo of it. We earlier found out it would sport an HD 720p display, LTE, and a Snapdragon S4 processor. This confirms it will have an 8 MP camera with flash, a front facing camera, and Ice Cream Sandwich at the least. It could even… Read more

Pantech May Have A High End Phone On Their Hands

Pantech has been known for their dumbphone offerings, but lately they’ve been taking the budget Android market by storm. And I have to admit, their budget phones can be pretty good (our own Joey Lehto enjoyed his time with the Marauder). However, they may just be making a high end phone, or mid end at the very least. This phone seems to be made for… Read more

Pantech Marauder First Impressions

Over the last year or so, Pantech has started to leave their comfort zone of producing feature phones. We’ve been seeing low to mid-range smartphones from the manufacturer, mainly on AT&T and Verizon. Their latest phone to hit Verizon’s network is the Marauder, a device marketed for the first-time smartphone buyer. However, it offers some powerful… Read more

Pantech Marauder Coming to Verizon, Qwerty Keyboard and All

Verizon unleashed its next first-time buyer smartphone, the Pantech Marauder. This qwerty-slider is specifically intended for the first-time user who has never had a smartphone, let alone an Android phone. It comes with two different modes: starter and standard. Starter mode drops down the number of home screens with preset icons and widgets, designed… Read more