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Pantech P4100 hits FCC pit stop on the way to AT&T

Pantech has been trying to gain some momentum in the mobile world. Recently, the Breakout hit Verizon’s shelves and now, the South Korean mobile manufacturer has its sights set on the tablet market. The P4100 is headed toward AT&T, but, as is the case with many mobile products, has been shrouded in mystery. It doesn’t have a name yet and there hasn’t… Read more

Pantech Pocket, Samsung DoubleTime and Samsung Captivate Glide for AT&T launching November 20

A trio of new phones launching on AT&T is what you wished for for Christmas? Somebody must have been listening, then, because you got exactly what you wished for. Thanks to AT&T’s Facebook page, all three devices are set to launch on the same day. But, all of them are packing quite different form factors, so you’ve got plenty of choice here. The Pantech… Read more

Pantech Pocket for AT&T officially announced

The second device in the string of new Android-powered devices heading to AT&T, the Pantech Pocket is meant as a social phone, bent on the person who loves messaging. It features a large screen, which should make it pretty easy for someone to use that software keyboard that comes along with Android 2.3. The Pantech Pocket features a 4-inch SVGA… Read more

Pantech’s 2.1 Android

SK Telecom in Korea has a pretty nifty Pantech headed their way called the SIRIUS IM-A600. It packs a 3.7”AMOLED screen at 800 × 480, 5 Megapixel camera, 500MB of internal memory, TV tuner, Wi-Fi, HDMI out and DivX support. Mobile phones with TV tuners seem to be all the rage is Asia these days. I wonder why we haven’t seen much of them yet. Perhaps… Read more