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Judge Koh To Resume Samsung Vs Apple Trial This November

We’ve had a period of time to relax and get our minds off of the court case, but this November, it’s all coming back. The famous case between Samsung and Apple, where Apple sued and won a hefty $1.05 billion, only to have that reduced to $450.5 million by the always interesting Judge Lucy Koh, is returning to court and the public eye. The court case… Read more

Report: Google’s Android Team Preparing A Smart Watch

According to a new report out of the Financial Times, Google is the next company rumored to be looking at the smartwatch game. If we take a step back in time to October of 2012, it was then that Google was granted a patent for a smartwatch with a flip-up display, as seen in the possible render image above and actual filing image below. The watch is… Read more

Google Patents Multi-LED Flash System For Mobile Devices

Google has been grated a patent for a very interesting idea: multiple LED flashes in a mobile phone. And we don’t mean like the dual LED flash that was available on the original DROID, where they were bunched together as close as possible, we mean many LEDs far apart from each other. Instead of patenting one configuration, they patented many… Read more