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Samsung Epic 4G Touch Gets New ICS Leak, Missing Pinch To Zoom

A lot of devices had local search removed in updates to prevent lawsuits by Apple, but (in my opinion) this wasn’t a big usability issue and could easily be worked around. Now we may have a more serious problem on our hands. The newest ICS leak for the Epic 4G Touch (it’s been getting tons of new leaks) has all pinch to zoom functionality removed…. Read more

Samsung Reporting That Work On The Galaxy Tab 10.1 Began Before The iPad Was Even Announced

The Samsung and Apple court wars continue today with Samsung having their industrial design leader, Jin Soo Kim, come forward and testify that Samsung had already started designing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in October 2009 which was three months before the announcement of the Apple iPad. Kim was later blatantly asked whether or not he had ever copied Apple on… Read more

Apple vs. Samsung Update: International Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, & Galaxy Ace Cut from Lawsuit Against Samsung

This afternoon, Apple rested its case against Samsung to Judge Lucy Koh.  Samsung was then allowed to plead it’s side, asking for a complete dismissal of the lawsuit.  While the motion was denied, Judge Koh did acquiesce slightly to their request: Galaxy S, Galaxy SII, and Galaxy Ace were taken off the chopping block.  While this is a victory for… Read more

Samsung Chose Not To License Apple’s Patents In 2010

New information in the Apple V. Samsung trial suggests that Apple offered Samsung an opportunity to license some of its patents as far back as 2010, which could have kept the company out of its current legal trouble. The proposal would have allowed Samsung to pay a $30 fee for each smartphone it sold and $40 for each tablet. In addition, Apple was… Read more

Samsung Patents Phone With Scent, This Isn’t The First Time

Samsung has patented another system for a phone that releases scents. This system contains a sponge filled with aromatic fluids. When triggered (assuming by a phone call), the sponge is heated to release the scents. And the docking station not only charges the phone, but also charges the sponge. I don’t quite get the appeal of smelling my phone calls,… Read more