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2010: Samsung Outlines 126 Different Ways The Galaxy Series Can Improve To Be More Like The iPhone

Apple succeeded yesterday in getting yet another internal Samsung report comparing the iPhone to Samsung’s own Galaxy S series into evidence. This report from 2010 shows Samsung highlighting 126 different aspects of the company’s Galaxy S smartphone line that were considered to need improvement. Samsung is recognizing that Apple’s user experience is… Read more

Apple: Google Warned You About Looking Remotely Similar To Us, Samsung, Now You Pay The Price In Legal Fees

Welcome to another segment of “Stupid Legal Disputes Between Tech Companies”. Today’s episode involves Apple pulling out evidence that Google warned Samsung that their original Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy Tab 10.1 too closely resembled Apple products but Samsung refused to heed the warning and went ahead with their designs. Here’s a quick list of… Read more

Google Sends Letter To Senate Judiciary Committee, Claims Some Apple Patents Should Be Standard

It’s no secret that the US patent system is incredibly flawed and Google is trying to get the point across to Senate Judiciary Committee. In a recent letter the company is defending Motorola’s side in its most recent ITC ban, citing standards-essential patents (SEPs). While collaborative play an important part in the overall standard setting system,… Read more

HTC Countersues Apple, HP Patents Put to Work

HTC strikes back in Southern Florida with two counterclaims, stating that Apple is infringing on two patents HTC acquired from HP back in 2011. HTC and Apple have been back-and-forth in the legal battles recently, with Apple having won the last round. This led to an ITC ban on HTC products (specifically the One line) until further inspection, which was… Read more

Stick It To The Man, Universal Search Your Galaxy S III

There’s been a lot of hubbub lately about lawsuits between Samsung and Apple, and Samsung taking away their Universal Search feature on their recently released Galaxy S III.  Recently, both Sprint and AT&T Galaxy S III variants have received small updates to the devices that have removed the Universal Search functionality due to patent… Read more

Verizon Galaxy Nexus May Have A New OTA Headed Its Way

Remember how Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus recently got banned in the US? Well, it looks like Google may already be attempting to patch things up, as a user over on XDA received an OTA on his Verizon Galaxy Nexus this morning, and it was very small in size. The size leads us to believe that it may be an update to Search in the Nexus, so that no more patents… Read more