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Photon 4G Successor Passes Through FCC

The Sprint Motorola Photon Q LTE, supposed successor to the Photon 4G, appears to have passed through the FCC under the model number “XT897″.  Although details are scarce for now, the phone is “equipped with an NFC chip, Bluetooth, and an LTE radio built to handle Sprint’s 1900MHz band” and has similar dimensions to the Photon… Read more

Google Nexus 7 May Be Violating Nokia’s WiFi Patents

At this point, the very word patent makes my stomach cringe. This is a different story however, as a certain fruit company is not involved; Nokia is claiming that the Nexus 7 violates some of their WiFi patents, and that there was no attempt to license the technology. That could be very bad news for Google’s latest Nexus device, as they will most likely… Read more

Android Import Bans Round Two: Motorola

The ITC recently halted the imports of HTC’s One X and EVO 4G LTE due to a patent infringement investigation, a first in the US. Now it’s looking like HTC isn’t alone, as a similar case has now come up with Motorola. They are facing an import ban and investigation over a patent war with Microsoft, something that has been ongoing. The battle has been… Read more

Would you be fine with advertisements instead of ringtones?

Earlier this afternoon news broke out that Google had applied for a new patent, one that is both bizarre and upsetting. That patent is for advertisements replacing ringtones, a new concept that sounds like it could be a disaster. It could be nothing more than Google applying for something it will never use, or it could turn into the future of mobile. One… Read more

Google may change the way we search on a touchscreen device, thanks to new ‘continuous gesture’ patent application

While there are quick ways to search from a phone, the way we implement copy and paste isn’t always that great. Trying to copy and paste a long word from the browser, for example, may be a hassle depending on your situation. It’s all relative, of course, to what’s going on at the moment, or what you’re trying to do. If a new patent application is any… Read more