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UK Court Spares Apple From Posting Apology To Samsung

Earlier this month, UK officials ordered Apple to post a notice on its homepage, as well as several prominent news publications, stating that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad. It seemed as though an order like this would bring these types of baseless lawsuits to an end. However, through an appeal Apple has managed to obtain a stay on the legal order… Read more

Google Gets Involved Again, This Time Against Nokia

Google, who has remained quiet in many of its partners legal troubles, has once again become involved in the courtroom. This time, it’s working with HTC to defend against Nokia. The former #1 cellphone manufacturer claims that HTC infringes on no less than 16 patents owned by the Finnish firm. HTC counters that it uses them under FRAND. Although, Nokia… Read more

Google Sends Letter To Senate Judiciary Committee, Claims Some Apple Patents Should Be Standard

It’s no secret that the US patent system is incredibly flawed and Google is trying to get the point across to Senate Judiciary Committee. In a recent letter the company is defending Motorola’s side in its most recent ITC ban, citing standards-essential patents (SEPs). While collaborative play an important part in the overall standard setting system,… Read more

HTC To Purchase S3 Graphics

Last year, HTC announced that it was looking to purchase graphics company, S3 Graphics, after it was announced that Apple’s Mac OS X infringed on two of S3′s patents. Then in November, the preliminary decision of infringement was overthrown by the ITC, and HTC stated that it would take a closer look at buying S3 Graphics. Now HTC seems to have decided… Read more