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Samsung Teams Up With Visa For payWave NFC Payments

Mobile payments are the future, but they are still so unpopular. Google Wallet has been a push for NFC payments, but being restricted to a handful of devices really doesn’t help. There are a few Google Wallet competitors out there, but none of them are widespread. Carrier-friendly system Isis is coming eventually, and now we have a new Visa/Samsung… Read more

Isis Officially Launching October 22nd With 20 Compatible Phones By The End Of The Year

Isis has confirmed that they are launching the service on October 22nd. And just like before, it shall launch in Austin and Salt Lake City for now. They also claim “as many as” 20 smartphones will support Isis, but the older devices might be left out. A bit sad, I always hoped my aging AT&T Galaxy S II will get Isis, since it has an NFC chip. Though the… Read more

Some Of The Biggest Retailers Banding Together To Create MCX, Taking On ISIS And Google Wallet

It’s official: we have another competitor for the mobile payment crown. And though Google Wallet has that crown, it’s the only one in the game. Soon, ISIS will be released to the world, and will most likely surpass Wallet. There is really no reason it will not. But now MCX has been announced, standing for Merchant Customer Exchange. What an awesome… Read more

Google Wallet Now Supports Any Bank Cards, But Only Partially

Google Wallet never supported anything but Citi MasterCards, further limiting its already tiny audience (since only a few phones ever supported Wallet). However, that tiny audience gets to use other cards from now on. Google Wallet now supports all MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover bank cards. However, it isn’t true support. It has… Read more

Google Wallet Running On Any Galaxy S III

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOe1M2p0u1I&feature=player_embedded#! So the clever devs at XDA have gotten Google Wallet to run on the Verizon Galaxy S III (like in the video) along with any other variant of the Galaxy S III. As you probably know, Verizon T-Mobile and AT&T block all their phones from using Wallet, due to having their own system come out… Read more

Who Ruined NFC Payments?

First, we ask a question: How many of you have NFC enabled phones? Not many, but there are quite a few. Now we ask THE question: How many of you are able to use your phones as a digital wallet? That’s right, not many. There are 6 phones that are able to officially use Google Wallet, and they are all (but one) on one carrier, Sprint. There is the… Read more