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Google Announces More Devices Compatible With Google Wallet, Only Sprint And US Cellular Devices

Google Wallet has been somewhat of an exclusive club, and there is nothing good about that. Not many devices support the service, and all the devices that do are exclusive to Sprint and some smaller carriers. Google Wallet has failed to expand, the biggest reason being the other three big carriers all supporting Isis mobile payment over Wallet. However,… Read more

Google Will Release A Physical Google Wallet Card Soon

It looks like Google Wallet is getting better, and fast. The physical Google Wallet card is nigh. It’ll work like a regular bank card, just swipe and go. It will work anywhere that accepts credit cards, and it will use the default card in your Google Wallet account. This means that you won’t ever have to carry all your cards around, just one card and… Read more

Flattr brings micropayments to Android

Do you like supporting your favorite content providers on the web? Do you ever click one of those “buy me a coffee” Paypal links that app developers, bands, painters, and writers often feature on their blogs? Those are great right? But if you know a lot of people that you like to support but don’t have the cash, it’s way too easy to just blow them off and… Read more