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Paypal getting into the NFC game (in Sweden)

We know that Android has been getting a lot of NFC love these days. We have Google Wallet, there is an upcoming launch for ISIS (the wireless carrier supported NFC system), and now, it looks like Paypal is trying to get in on the party. Paypal recently launched phone-to-phone NFC money exchanges in an Android app last month. The app is currently under… Read more

Introducing the PayPal X Android Developer Challenge

Are you an Android developer looking to cash in big with some innovative apps? Then look no further. PayPal has just announced their PayPal X Developer Challenge for Android that encourages devs to find innovative ways to integrate PayPal payments into apps for cash money. What kind of cash money? $25,000, $15,000, and $10,000 will got to 1st, 2nd, and… Read more

Paypal suit Osama Bedier breaks for Google

Google is making big moves towards NFC (near field communications) payments, and today, PayPal confirmed that their VP of platform, mobile, and new ventures, Osama Bedier, was heading for the ranks of Google. And after learning that Paypal has ben considering their own NFC payment system, Bedier’s task at Google is all but spelled out for us…. Read more

PayPal could have NFC payment system in place in 2H 2011

Google’s Nexus S features NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, and the Big G is already implementing its use with Places and Hotpot in Portland, Oregon. The applications Google has presented us with thus far are fun and good, but NFC has much greater potential in the realm of payments, personal and commercial. Google’s purchase last August of… Read more

Want to purchase Android apps with PayPal?

I was thrilled when the ability to charge apps to my T-Mobile bill came along, and I was greatly disappointed to see how often the option was actually available. Sometimes it’s there; sometimes it isn’t. And I don’t like having a bunch of transactions being sent separately to my credit card. It’s difficult to keep track of purchases (and therefore notice… Read more

Google may allow Market apps to be purchased via PayPal

Yesterday, in an informal meeting, PayPal spoke about plans to introduce in-app purchasing options for iPhone and Android.  As you may know, Google does not currently allow in-app purchases (peep the Market distribution agreement).  However, Jonathan George (of Boxcar) confirmed, with PayPal, that the iPhone library would allow in-app purchases for… Read more