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Samsung Teams Up With Visa For payWave NFC Payments

Mobile payments are the future, but they are still so unpopular. Google Wallet has been a push for NFC payments, but being restricted to a handful of devices really doesn’t help. There are a few Google Wallet competitors out there, but none of them are widespread. Carrier-friendly system Isis is coming eventually, and now we have a new Visa/Samsung… Read more

Gemalto Creates First SIM Card With NFC Functionality

Mobile security juggernaut, Gemalto, has achieved another, huge milestone by combining NFC functionality into SIM cards. The SIM card is known as the UpTeq NFC SIM, and will the first SIM card with NFC capabilities. It will be compatible with Visa’s payWave, MasterCard’s PayPass, and AMEX ExpressPay. This top-shelf  SIM card is now being utilized by… Read more