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Pocket App Updated For Nexus Launch, Smoother And Faster

Pocket is a wonderful app for those who spend a lot of time on their phone. It lets you save pages to a list to view later (which explains the former name of Read It Later). Then that list can be accessed from any device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer. Now the app has gotten an update inspired by the Nexus event. It’s focused on… Read more

HTC Says Desire HD ICS Update Still On Schedule

Canadian carrier TELUS stated last week that the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Desire HD has been cancelled. They claimed that there was “poor device performance in testing.” This is very strange, as I’ve seen ICS run on an Inspire 4G (AT&T variant of the Desire HD) perfectly fine. Also, it meets every spec, including the 768MB of RAM. So this… Read more

Another Benchmark Video Comparing HTC One X Dual Core And Quad Core Models, With Opposite Results

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kUSlcYew4HA Another YouTube user, this time Josh Krek, posted a comparison video benchmarking both the dual core and the quad core HTC One X. The US variants, including the AT&T One X, are powered by a Snapdragon S4 dual core processor, instead of the quad core Tegra 3 used in the international… Read more

HTC Desire HD bests Nexus One in benchmarks

HTC recently unveiled the Desire HD, along with the Desire Z, at a London conference. They showed us how beautiful the phone is, especially running on the newest, enhanced version of Sense UI. And now we get some confirmation that the handset has a beast of an engine. HDblog.it has posted benchmarks of the Desire HD, using the Neocore performance test…. Read more