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New Report Suggests HTC In “Complete Disarray,” Struggling To Hold On To Key Staff

A brand new report surfacing out of The Verge suggests things are not all sunshine and rainbows in HTC’s camp. With key staff exiting the company, a “disastrous” HTC First launch and inventory constraints plaguing the HTC One launch, the company’s future looks anything but certain. In the past three months HTC has lost Jason Gordon, the company’s… Read more

HTC One Delays Caused By Component Shortages, “Second Tier” Supplier Status For HTC?


Reports of delays surrounding the HTC One have been around for a week or so and now, according to the Wall Street Journal we’re finding out why. According to the WSJ report, component shortages have forced the manufacturer to push back the timetable for its flagship release. Except, that’s not the whole story. According to one unnamed HTC exec, these… Read more

Marketing Is To Blame For HTC’s Poor Performance In 2012

2012 was a pretty terrible year for HTC, with its profits plummeting dramatically. HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou, blames the company’s lackluster results on poor marketing. He says that HTC’s competitors, most likely emphasizing Samsung, were “too strong and very resourceful, pouring lots of money into marketing”. He states that he doesn’t have as many… Read more

HTC Calls Rumored “Apple Tax” Licensing Cost “Outrageous”

Amidst reports that HTC’s settlement with Apple and newly formed licensing deal will cost the company between $6 and 8$ per handset, HTC’s CEO had something to say. Describing the analyst estimates as “outrageous,” Chou took the opportunity while speaking at the KDDI product launch in Tokyo to discuss the rumored cost. “I think that these… Read more

Apple, HTC Settle Patent Dispute With 10 Year Licensing Agreement

In a joint press release yesterday evening, Apple and HTC announced that a 10 year licensing agreement has been reached between the two warring parties. The agreement is good for around the world sales of both HTC and Apple devices and the deal includes a 10-year licensing agreement. The agreement, which is confidential was quickly described by HTC as… Read more

HTC CEO Says US Market Recovery Will “Be Difficult”

HTC’s flagship devices are about to land on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile and with plenty of hype, marketing and interest. Still, HTC CEO Peter Chou isn’t convinced the company will easily regain lost market-share in the United States. HTC may be predicting a 55% jump in revenue for the second quarter of 2012, but that won’t be on the back of sales in the… Read more

HTC Says His Company Remains Committed To Beats Audio

HTC’s $300 million investment in Beats by Dre Audio presented HTC with an opportunity to brand future devices with the welcoming Beats Audio logo on the back. Now, in the face of turmoil inside the company, HTC’s CEO says the company is sticking to its commitment to the brand: “Media speculation that ties this announcement to HTC’s partnership and… Read more