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Sony’s Exmor RS Sensors Downgraded Due To Quality Concerns

Remember those new Sony stacked phone camera sensors that were supposed to be able to shoot HDR video? They’ve been downgraded significantly due to not meeting Sony’s image quality standards. They’ve been bumped down to RGB, instead of the intended RGBW, meaning HDR video and light sensitivity will suffer. It’s too bad to hear, but it’s better than low… Read more

Leaked Verizon Roadmap Is Goldmine Of Information

A leak of a Verizon roadmap has provided a ton of information on new phones. Assuming it’s all accurate, this could be a good quarter for Verizon. The HTC DROID Incredible X was on the roadmap, with a 5″ display and a quad core processor. It’s that rumored HTC phablet we’ve seen a few times before. This competition to the Note II should be coming out… Read more

T-Mobile’s Phone Test Robot Is Awesome

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mv69ZxKOFSw&feature=player_embedded This is the robot that was developed to test phones for T-Mobile. It is a big finger that pokes phones, putting them through “everyday use.” While phone testing is a laborious process, this makes it easier and more awesome. And yes, good sir, robots ARE cool. Android and… Read more

O2 UK Getting “Bond Phone” Xperia T, AT&T Might Too

O2 UK will have an exclusive “Bond Phone,” a Skyfall branded Sony Xperia T. Other networks will get the Xperia T, but they won’t be Bond Phones. But what does the Bond Phone entail? Nothing but extra content. It’ll have 007 ringtones, themes, screensaves, and images with geo-tagging to specific locations in the film. It’s an interesting way to sell a… Read more

What Do You Think Amazon Will Reveal Tomorrow?

For many months now there have been rumors as to what Amazon will reveal next. Will it be the next Kindle Fire? A Kindle phone? Something we’ve never heard of? Up until now, we’ve had little information on the subject. But tomorrow, September 6th, Amazon will be hosting a press conference. What’s to be revealed is still a mystery. It’s… Read more

Android Has 1.3 Million Activations A Day And 480 Million Users

When Eric Schmidt took the stage at the Motorola keynote, he gave a staggering statistic: there are 1.3 million Android activations per day. That brings the Android user base to 430 million users. That’s a huge amount. Also, a not so impressive statistic: 70,000 of those activations a day are tablets. That’s impressive, but not compared to the phone… Read more

Pantech Flex For AT&T Coming Out 9/16 For $50

Remember that Pantech Magnus that we reported on earlier? Pantech’s first foray into the high end world? That wasn’t accurate, apparently. The Magnus, now revealed to be the Pantech Flex, is actually a budget phone that will only be $50 on contract with AT&T. The specs we reported on were not accurate, so here are the real ones: 4.3″ qHD Super… Read more