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Google Play Movies Embracing Rooted Users, Allows Playback

Apparently, Google Play Movies has been allowing rooted users to play movies on their devices since Google I/O. If you are not aware, neither movies nor books worked on rooted devices previously. I don’t know what Google has done to get rid of the risk of people stealing the movies (I hope it’s not a bad form of DRM, though some minor DRM would be fine… Read more

Verizon Giving $40 Bill Credit With 4G Phones From Amazon Or Wirefly, Really $10 After $30 Upgrade Fee

Verizon is giving us a little more incentive to buy their 4G LTE phones. They will now offer a $40 bill credit with a new LTE phone from Amazon Wireless or Wirefly.com. This deal starts today at 12AM and ends May 24th, so you have three short days to take advantage of this deal. Unfortunately, with the new $30 upgrade fee imposed on their customers,… Read more

Huawei Ascend Y200 Budget Phone US Launch Soon

Huawei is sticking with its guns and continuing to make budget phones. Though the Ascend P1 S truly impressed me (for a Huawei phone anyway), they aren’t giving up the budget market. The Y200 was displayed at CTIA, and now we find out that it will be launching in the US in a few months. This would be a good phone for kids as a first phone. The Y200… Read more

ASUS PadFone Unboxing Video, Boxes Everywhere

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJyYPxd5wKM&feature=player_embedded The ASUS PadFone is one of the weirdest devices I’ve ever seen running Android. It’s a phone. But it has a tablet dock that you put the phone into to turn it into a fully functional 10.1″ tablet. And there is another keyboard dock that you dock the tablet dock into to make it into a… Read more

The Dream Phone Concept [Video]

This concept idea originally came from the idea of building custom computers from their base components. A huge community of technology enthusiasts is familiar with the process of picking a computer’s processor, graphics card, motherboard, etc. to fit a budget and a purpose. What if this type of flexibility was available in mobile phone… Read more

What Phone are you Using? [Poll]

The comments section is wide open below. Pull your phone out your pocket. Put it down in front of you. Tell us about it! Are you rocking an Android device from this year? Last year? Are you running a custom ROM or still stock? Custom launcher? Neat homescreen setup? Anything notable? We want to hear from… Read more

Samsung event scheduled for November 8th

As of this morning, Samsung started sending out invites to an event they’ll be hosting to reveal a new Android handset. Other than the fact that the event will be held Monday November 8th at 6PM, not much else is known. Current speculation leads to the reveal of the Samsung Continuum, but don’t your chickens just yet. There’s always the possibility that… Read more