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Two days left before we start drawing numbers…

Only two days remain before a plague of tablets smites the Earth. Our time is short, my friends. Pleas readeth carefully, for the day of reckoning is at hand. As the PhoneDog family of sites hath prophesied, the Dog shall choose the numbers of the sweepstakes winners (let he who readeth understand) and shall listeth the chosen in a book…the… Read more

And then there were three: tablets, tablets, tablets

In Three days, on Monday, PhoneDog will start giving away tablets to people who have liked our family of Facebook pages and entered our ridiculously huge tablet contest. We’re giving away Apple iPads, Blackberry Playbooks, and Samsung Galaxy Tabs–one for every 5,000 entries. And the best part, aside from getting to choose your own prize, is that you… Read more

Four days, then drawings: PhoneDog’s tablet sweepstakes

Friendly reminder folks, just four days remin until PhoneDog starts the drawing for up to 100 free tablets. Why “up to 100?” Because we’re giving away one tablet for every 5,000 entries we receive. Telling your friends about this one doesn’t hurt your chances. In fact, it increases them. Follow through with the instructions below to fin out how you can… Read more

Five days until we make it rain…tablets

Just in case there are a few readers out there that aren’t yet aware of our crazy Facebook giveaway, and in case some of you know but haven’t taken a minute or two to enter, we’re sending out reminders in these last days before the drawing begins. We’re giving away one tablet for every 5,000 entries we receive, people. So a high number of entrants does… Read more

Six days left: Enter to win your tablet of choice

I know you all would love to win a Notion Ink Adam or a Motorola Xoom, but it’s a bit early to be wishing for those hot new tablets. Xoom isn’t even finished yet and Notion Ink’s Adam has been delayed. Nevertheless, we have a killer tablet sweepstakes underway and a lot of you are going to come out of it with a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a BlackBerry Playbook,… Read more

The final countdown for PhoneDog’s MASSIVE tablet giveaway!

This is it, folks! We’ve got seven days left until PhoneDog starts giving tablets away to people who have entered an insane tablet sweepstakes via our Facebook app. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check this out: PhoneDog is giving away 1 tablet for every 5,000 sweepstakes entries–up to 100 tablets– and the winners get to choose their prize: an… Read more

PhoneDog is giving away another iPad!

UPDATE: This giveaway has been pushed back one day and will occur at 4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern on Thursday, October 14th. PhoneDog is working on a new system for random drawings, so hang on tight. This drawing is just one of many to follow! Check it out, people: PhoneDog is conducting another iPad giveaway that’ easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to enter. All you… Read more

Noah talks Android on CBS 5: Bay Sunday

Android really is becoming a household name/concept, and I’m glad to see this kind of coverage on a local news show. But Cliq and Hero? Hmm. I’m not really sure why those phones were chosen, but they are well established and can be had relatively cheap for the casual smartphone user or feature phone convert. Noah’s getting to be as natural on the tele as… Read more

PhoneDog’s One-Paw Giveaway Blitz!

If you’ve never played PhoneDog’s One-Paw Bandit, now would be a great time to give it a shot. From now until January 25th, we’re giving away 4 Pantech Matrix Pros! (One of the original five has already been won.) It’s free and easy to play. Just click here and then click “play for this device now.” You’ll be prompted to sign up for PhoneDog.com…. Read more