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Galaxy Note II Latest Device To Get Painted Pink

Samsung has a trend of releasing pink Galaxy devices in places outside of the US. It’s happened with the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note, and many more. Next up is the Galaxy Note II, getting a nice coat of light pink. While we wish it was more of a hot pink (AT&T Motorola RAZR anyone?), it’s definitely nice looking either way. We don’t know when it’s… Read more

Samsung Releasing Pink Galaxy S III In Korea?

There have been images of a pink Samsung Galaxy S III leaked all over the internet, with a rumored release next week in Korea. This is after they announced four more colors to go with the original two. A seventh color, huh? I like it! Samsung has released a pink Galaxy S II before, so this comes as no surprise. Still, it’s a great looking device…. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II in pink now available for pre-order in the UK

While Samsung has already launched the pink variant of its popular Galaxy S II in other countries, it is not widely available. Soon another region will be added, as multiple UK retailers are now offering pre-orders on the pink handset. It will cost £449.00 off contract through Very.co.uk, and will launch just before Valentine’s Day on February 13. The… Read more