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Google grabbed NFC startup Zetawire

It’s clear that ownership of the local is Google’s next big push, with the appearance location awareness in Chrome OS and a very pro-active campaign for Places participation and Hotpot integration underway in Portland. The inclusion of NFC in Google’s strategy (the Nexus S will be the first device to bring NFC scanning to the masses) might signal a sea… Read more

Video: Groupon rejects Google’s $6bn offer. So what?

Google has been seeking expansion the social and local information spaces lately, partially via numerous failed attempts at acquiring businesses that have already carved a nice market niche out for themselves. Had recent talks with the highly profitable Groupon panned out–with an offer price of $6bn plus incentives for current executives–an acquisition… Read more

Google gets Hotpot cooking in Portland with NFC

Last month, Google announced a new service that would integrate with their Places database, culling crowd-sourced ratings information, your own ratings information, and that of your friends for the purpose of recommending cool new Places for you to check out. It’s called Hotpot, and it just might trim down or even eliminate your annual percentage of… Read more